‘To capture visual strong narratives of life, love or joy through my lenses is what really inspire me and what I aim for in my photography’ 

Line Lyng (b.1981, Denmark) lived in New York in 2009 / 2010 where she took several different analogue and digital photography courses all part of the  ‘Continuing Education’ classes at International Center of Photography.

Since 2009 she holds a MA in Arts and Cultural Communication from University of Copenhagen, Denmark with a BA in History of Art and Film and Media Studies.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, however, Line Lyng spends as much time as possible travelling as well as working on different photography projects. She works with digital storytelling and web-based formats as well as TV productions for flow TV.

Also, Line Lyng is a member of the Photography Collective ElevenEleven and have had work featured as part of six artists in groups show in NYC.